Administrative Law

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Principles of Administrative Law

 M P Jain and S N Jain



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Administrative law, which is uncertified in our country, has grown enormously in recent decades and continues to do so. New concepts have been evolved by the higher judiciary, particularly the Supreme Court. The scope of this judge-made law, as it is commonly known, is getting widened with every decision involving administrative intervention in the daily lives of the people. As the administrative duties of the government are increasing every day so is this law which is as old as the administration itself. With all this, the bulk of the books on Administrative Law is ever-growing and this book is no exception. The corpus of this book has especially grown much because it digests not only Indian cases but also foreign ones. It is most exhaustive in the sense that it leaves almost no case on Administrative Law decided by the Apex Court of the land undigested. One will hardly find a case pertaining to Administrative Law reported in Supreme Court cases (SCC) under this heading and also under the heading of the Constitutional Law of India, not given a proper and relevant place in this voluminous book. The novelty of giving facts of the important cases on a particular subject simply adds to its academic value as at times one finds it hard to appreciate a case in the absence of its factual matrix. The book is a very useful reference not only to practitioners but also to students of administrative law. Practically, it will be very convenient to locate a ruling/case law on a particular subject as the whole matter besides its detailed chapterisation has been placed under numerous headings and sub-headings. One will hardly find another book dealing with the topics like principles of natural justice, delegated legislation, administrative adjudication, administrative bodies and powers, discretionary powers, public interest litigation, judicial control of administrative action so exhaustively. Besides, topics like interpretation of delegated legislation, administrative duties, conduct of government business, proportionality, government contracts, restitution, misfeasance in public office, public interest immunity, ombudsman/ lokpal, corruption, open government and central vigilance commission only add to the book's academic value and its uniqueness. This seventh edition, with latest case law both of the Supreme Court and the High Courts will prove to be useful to everyone concerned with this branch of law, particularly to those who love to be exhaustively updated.

Volume 1
Chapter I - Introductory
Chapter II - Some constitutional principles and their impact on administrative law
Chapter III - Classification of functions
Chapter IV - Delegated legislation
Chapter V - Judicial control over delegated legislation
Chapter VI - Legislative and other controls over delegated legislation
Chapter VII - Sub-delegation of legislative power
Chapter VIII - Directions
Chapter VIII-A - Interpretation of delegated/subordinate legislation
Chapter XI - Right to hearing: when can it be claimed
Chapter X - Principles of natural justice or fairness
Chapter XI – Rule against Bias
Chapter XII - Failure of natural justice
Chapter XIII - Administrative adjudication (I)
Chapter XIV - Administrative adjudication (II)
Chapter XV - Administrative bodies and powers
Chapter XVI - Some typical administrative powers and procedures
Chapter XVII - Discretionary powers (I)
Chapter XVIII - Discretionary powers (II)
Chapter XVIII - Discretionary powers (III)
Chapter XX - Administrative duties
Chapter XXI - Conduct of government business
Chapter XXII - Sub-delegation of non-legislative powers
Volume 2
Chapter XXIII - Promissory estoppel
Chapter XXIV - Legitimate expectation
Chapter XXV - Proportionality
Chapter XXVI - Government contracts (I)
Chapter XXVII - Government contracts (II)
Chapter XXVIII - Restitution
Chapter XXIX - Tortious liability & compensation
Chapter XXX - Misfeasance in public office
Chapter XXXI - Judicial control of administrative action
Chapter XXXII - Appeal to Supreme Court by special leave
Chapter XXXIII - Supreme Court’s writ jurisdiction
Chapter XXXIV - Writ jurisdiction of the high courts (I) General Principles
Chapter XXXV - Writ jurisdiction of the High courts (II)
Chapter XXXVI - Specific writs
Chapter XXXVII - High court's superintendence over tribunals
Chapter XXXVIII - Waiver
Chapter XXXIX - Public interest litigation
Chapter XL - Statutory Judicial Remedies
Chapter XLI - Public interest immunity
Chapter XLIII – Ombudsman / lokpal / lokayukta and central vigilance commission
Chapter XLIV - Corruption
Chapter XLV - Open Government
Chapter XLVI - Central vigilance commission
Chapter XLVII - Right to Information


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Principles of Administrative Law

Principles of Administrative Law

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