Administrative Law

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Administrative Law

 H.W.R. Wade, C.F. Forsyth



11 Ed

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Wade & Forsyth’s Administrative Law provides a comprehensive and perceptive account of the principles of judicial review and a sketch of te administrative machinery of the United Kingdom. Since the first edition published in 1961, Administrative Law has established a reputation for itself in the foremost rank of classic legal textbooks and is frequently cited with a approval in the higher courts.
For this, the ninth edition, Sir William Wade and Dr. Christopher Forsyth have brought this classic account of administrative law up to date in light of recent case law and legislation,continuing the trend towards a fuller account of European influences and providing a comprehensive assessment of the impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 on this branch of the law.
The book's clarity of exposition makes it accessible to the student approaching the subject for the first time, whilst its breadth of coverage and perceptive insight ensure its value to all interested in this field, both
academics and practitioners alike.
Part I - Introduction

1.    Introduction
       Government, Law and Justice 
       Characteristics of the Law
2.    Constitutional Foundations of the Powers of the Courts 
       The Rule of Law 
       The Sovereignty of Parliament 
       Government Subject to Law 
       The Doctrine of Ultra Vires
Part II - Authorities and Functions
3.    The Central Government 
       The Crown and Ministers 
       The Civil Service 
       The Law of Crown Service 
       Some Governmental Functions 
       Complaints against Administration
4.    Local and Devolved Government 
       Local Administration 
       Complaints against Local Government 
       Regional Development Agencies     
       Devolution - Scotland and Wales 
5.    Public Corporations, Privatisation and Regulation 
       Public Corporations 
       The Mechanisms of Privatisation 
       Some Regulatory Mechanisms 
       Regulation and Judicial Review
Part III - European Influences
6.    Incorporation of European Law 
       European Human Rights 
       The Human Rights Act 1998 
       Examples of British Violations 
       Catalogue of European Human Rights 
       The European Union
Part IV - Powers and Jurisdiction
7.    Legal Nature of Powers 
       Sources of Power
       Express Requirements and Conditions 
       Conclusiveness, Mistake and Fraud 
       Power or Duty—Words Permissive or Obligatory
       Waiver and Consent 
       Res Judicata
8.    Jurisdiction over Fact and Law 
       Error Outside Jurisdiction 
       Error on the Face of the Record 
       Findings, Evidence and Jurisdiction 
       Summary of Rules
9.    Problems of Invalidity 
       Collateral Proceedings 
       Partial Invalidity 
       Standard and Burden of Proof 
       Interim Effect of Disputed Orders 
       Nullity and Relativity
Part V - Discretionary Power
10.  Retention of Discretion 
       Discretionary Power 
       Surrender, Abdication, Dictation 
       Over-rigid Policies 
       Restriction by Contract or Grant 
       Estoppel—Misleading Advice
11.  Abuse of Discretion 
       Restriction of Discretion 
       The Principle of Reasonableness 
       Categories of Unreasonableness 
       Mixed Motives 
       Good Faith 
       Subjective Language 
       Statutory Reasonableness
Part VI - Natural Justice
12.  Natural Justice and Legal Justice
13.  The Rule against Bias
       Judicial and Administrative Impartiality 
       Causes of Prejudice 
       Effects of Prejudice
14.  The Right to a Fair Hearing 
       Audi Alteram Partem 
       Administrative Cases 
       Statutory Hearings 
       The Retreat from Natural Justice 
       The Right to be Heard Reinstated 
       Fair Hearings—General Aspects 
       Fair Hearings—Particular Situations 
Part VII - Remedies and Liability
15.  Ordinary Remedies 
       Rights and Remedies 
       Actions for Damages 
       Relator Actions 
       Enforcement of Duties
16.  Prerogative Remedies 
       Remedies of Public Law 
       Habeas Corpus
       Certiorari (Quashing Order) and Prohibition (Prohibiting Order) 
       Mandamus (Mandatory Order)
17.  Boundaries of Judicial Review 
       Marginal Situations 
       Realms beyond the Law
18.  Procedure of Judicial Review 
       Defects of Prerogative Remedies
      The Reforms of 1977-1981 and Subsequent Developments 
       The Divorce of Public and Private Law
19.  Restriction of Remedies 
       The Old Law of Standing 
       The New Law of Standing 
       Discretion , Exhaustion, Implied Exclusion 
       Protective and Preclusive Clauses 
       Exclusive Statutory Remedies 
       Default Powers
20.  Liability of Public Authorities 
       Liability under European Union Law 
       Liability for Breach of Human Rights 
       Liability in Tort Generally 
       Negligence and Strict Liability 
       Breach of Duty and Misfeasance 
       Immunities and Time Limits 
       Liability in Contract 
       Liability to Make Restitution 
       Liability to Pay Compensation
21.  Crown Proceedings 
       The Crown in Litigation 
       Liability in Tort 
       Liability in Contract 
       Remedies and Procedure 
       Statutes Affecting the Crown 
       Limitations of State Liability 
      Suppression of Evidence in the Public Interest
Part VIII - Administrative Legislation and Adjudication
22.  Delegated Legislation 
       Necessity of Delegated Legislation 
       Scope of Administrative Legislation 
       Legal Forms and Characteristics 
       Judicial Review 
       Preliminary Consultation 
       Parliamentary Supervision
23.  Statutory Tribunals 
       The Tribunal System 
       Rights of Appeal
       Problems of Tribunals. The Franks Committee 
       The Reforms of 1958 
       Reorganisation of Tribunals 
       Procedure of Tribunals 
       Appeals on Questions of Law and Discretion 
       Table of Tribunals
24.  Statutory Inquiries 
       The System of Inquiries 
       Complaints and Reforms 
       Law and Practice Today 
       Other Inquiry Procedures
Appendix 1 - Lord Diplock's Formal Statement on Judicial Review
Appendix 2 - Catalogue of European Human Rights
Appendix 3 - Matters that Arose or Came to Light While This Book Was in Press


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Administrative Law

Administrative Law

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