Code of Civil Procedure

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Mulla The Code of Civil Procedure (3 Volume Set)

  Sir D.F. Mulla B M Prasad, Manish M. Valechha



19 th Ed


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Civil procedural law in India achieved its current form after three consecutive experiments by the British in 1859, 1877 and 1882, when in 1908 it was concreted. There is scarcity of books and commentaries which carry within their fold, an updated thesis on the subject with various interpretations before the current form was finalised. One of such rare books is the celebrated commentary on Code of Civil Procedure by Sir Dinshaw Fardunji Mulla. One of the oldest and longest serving, the commentary runs today in its 117th year since the first publication. It is astonishing to note the consistent overwhelming response this book has received from all sections of readers and is not only considered prestigious but also sacred for readers of civil procedural law. The proposal for revising and updating this legal classic was not only exciting and adventurous but also an honour for us as it associates us with perhaps one of the greatest running books on civil law written ever. It gives us immense and immeasurable pleasure to revise and update the 19th edition of this book and we hope it will succeed in maintaining the highest level of respect the book has earned over the years. Although, the 18th edition of the book was published in 2011 but as it was updated in 2013, we chose to focus more on case laws and amendments post 2013. Therefore, our sweep of case laws covered ranges primarily from 2013 onwards till May 2017. However, we also found that the book missed certain relevant case laws and commentaries prior to 2013 as well, so in all fairness and in interest of readers we deemed it fit to incorporate the missed commentaries and refresh those portions as well. The fact, that two of us retired as judges of the Supreme Court after practising at the bar for many years and one of us is an upcoming advocate at the Supreme Court, gave us a wider view on the subject and helped immensely in quick and effective revision of the book.
Volume 1
Part I.         Suits in General - Section 9-35B
Part 2.        Execution - General
Part 3.        Incidental Proceedings
Part 4.        Suits in Particular Cases
Part 5.        Special Proceedings
Part 6.        Supplemental Proceedings 
Part 7.        Appeals
Part 8.        Reference, Review and Revision
Part 9.        Special Provisions Relating to the High Courts not being the Court of a Judicial Commissioner
Part 10.      Rules
Part 11.      Miscellaneous
Volume 2
The First Schedule
Order 1.     Parties to Suits
Order 2.     Frame of Suits
Order 3.     Recognised Agents and Pleaders
Order 4.     Institution of Suits
Order 5.     Issue and Service of Summons
Order 6.     Pleadings Generally
Order 7.     Plaint
Order 8.     Written Statement, Set-off and Counterclaim
Order 9.     Appearance of Parties and Consequence of Non-apperance
Order 10.   Examination of Parties by the Court
Order 11.   Discovery and Inspection
Order 12.   Admissions
Order 13.   Production, Impounding and Return of Documents
Order 14.   Settlement of Issues and Determination of Suit on Issues of Law or on Issues Agreed Upon
Order 15.   Disposal of the Suit at the First Hearing
Order 16.   Summoning and Attendance of Witnesses
Order 16A. Attendance of witnesses Confined or Detained in Prisons
Order 17.   Adjournments
Order 18.   Hearing of the Suit and Examination of Witnesses
Order 19.   Affidavits 
Order 20.    Judgement and Decree
Order 20A. Costs
Order 21.    Execution of Decrees and Orders
Order 22.    Death, Marriage and Insolvency of Parties
Volume 3
Order 23.   Withdrawal and Adjustment of Suits
Order 24.   Payment into Court
Order 25.   Security for Costs
Order 26.   Commissions
Order 27.   Suits by or Against the Government or Public Officers in their Official Capacity
Order 27A. Suits Involving a Substantial Question of Law as to the Interpretation of the Constitution or as to the Validity of any Statutory Instrument
Order 28.   Suits by or against Military or Naval Men or Airmen
Order 29.   Suits by or against Corporations
Order 30.   Suits by or against Firms and Persons Carrying on Business in Names other than their Own
Order 31.   Suits by or against Trustees, Executors and Administrators
Order 32.   Suits by or against Minors and Persons of Unsound Mind
Order 32A. Suits Relating to Matters Concerning the Family 
Order 33.   Suits by Indigent Persons
Order 34.   Suits Relating to Mortgages of Immovable Property
Order 35.   Interpleader
Order 36.   Special Case
Order 37.   Summary Procedure
Order 38.   Arrest and Attachment before Judgment
Order 39.   Temporary Injunctions and Interlocutory Orders
Order 40.   Appointment of Receivers
Order 41.   Appeals from Original Decrees 
Order 42.   Appeals from Appellate Decrees
Order 43.   Appeals from Orders
Order 44.   Appeals by Indigent Persons
Order 45.   Appeals to the Supreme Court
Order 46.   Reference
Order 47.   Review
Order 48.   Miscellaneous
Order 49.   Chartered High Courts
Order 50.   Provincial Small Cause Courts
Order 51.   Presidency Small Cause Courts
Appendix I   – Appendices to the First Schedule
Appendix II  – The Constitution of India (Extracts)
Appendix III – Letters Patent


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Mulla The Code of Civil Procedure (3 Volume Set)

Mulla The Code of Civil Procedure (3 Volume Set)

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