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Sarkar’s Civil Court Practice and Procedure Manual

 P C Sarkar and Sudipto Sarkar



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Sarkar's Civil Court Practice and Procedure Manual in its 13th edition does not need any introduction. Successive editions are being published because the old have been appreciated and never awaited with enthusiasm. It gives us pleasure to bring to the readers the 13th edition of Sarkar's Civil Court Practice and Procedure Manual, as a ready-reckoner and go-to-one-stop comprehensive reference for the Civil Procedure Code and Certain allied civil Acts, legislative developments and precedents, enacted and declare respectively. The current edition comes with further and latest incorporation of statutory enactments, including the most recent introductions to Acts which formed a part of the previous editions; case law and improvements since the last edition. At the same time, the laws, rules and regulations repealed or amended since last edition have been meticulously emphasized
Part I
Chapter1    To the Young Lawyer
Chapter 2   Practice and Procedure
chapter 3    Taking Instructions and Giving Advice
Chapter 4   Pleading- Appointment of Pleader
Chapter 5   Constitution of courts-Civil Suits- Jurisdiction and Res Judicata
Chapter 6   Frame of Suits and Relief
Chapter 7   Parties to Suits and Causes of Action
Chapter 8   Plaint- Valuation and Court- Fee-Documents with the Plaint
Chapter 9   Institution and Transfer of suits-Return or Rejection of plaint
Chapter10  Issues and Service of Summons
Chapter11  Procedure after Service of Summons-Appearance or Non-appearance at First hearing Or at an Adjourned Hearing-Setting Aside Ex Parte Decree
Chapter 12  Appearance of Defendant- Written Statement and Set-off
Chapter 13  Examination of Parties by the Court at First Hearing
Chapter 14  Settlement of issues and Disposal at First Hearing
Chapter 15  Procedure after Settlement of issues -Preparation for Trial
Chapter 16  Production, Impounding, Return and Calling of Documents
Chapter 17  Summoning  and Attendance of Witnesses-Adjournments
Chapter 18  Hearing of the Suit- Examination of Witnesses- Affidavit
Chapter 19  Address to the Court and Reply
Chapter 20  Judgment, Decree, Interest and costs-Inherent Power of Court
Chapter 21  Execution of Decree and Orders- Restitution
Chapter 22  Death, Marriage and Insolvency of parties- Devolution of Interest During Pendency  of Suit
Chapter 23  Withdrawal and Adjustment of Suits
Chapter 24  Incidental proceedings : Commissions- Security for Costs-Surety
Chapter 25  Supplemental Proceedings- Arrest or  Attachment Before Judgment- Temporary Injunction- Receiver
Chapter 26  Suits in particulars Cases- Suits by or Against Government-Suits by or Against Minors- Mortgage Suits
Chapter 27  Other Interlocutory Orders or Incidental Proceedings- Miscellaneous
Chapter 28  Reference, Review and Revision
Chapter 29  Appeals and Remand
Part II
1.    The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (26 of 1996)
2.    Lok Adalat and legal Services Authorities Act, 1987
3.    Provincial Small Cause Courts Act (9 of 1887)
4.    Provincial Insolvency Act (5 of 1920 )
4A.  Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (31 of 2016)
5.    Land Acquisition Act, 1894
5A.  The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition,Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013 (30 of 2013)
6.    Specific Relief Act (47 of 1963 )
7.    Probate and letters of administration
8.    Succession Certificate
9.    Guardian and wards Act (8 of 1890)
10.  Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act (32 of 1956 )
11.  Mental Health Act, 1987 (14 of 1987 )
12.  The Fatal Accidents Act (13 of 1855 )
13.  The Registration Act ( 16 of 1908)
14.  Indian Stamp Act, 1899 (2 of 1899)
15.  Marriage Laws In India
16.  Fast Track Courts
Part III
Appendix A  Pleadings
Appendix B  Process
Appendix C  Discovery, Inspection and Admission
Appendix D  Decrees
Appendix E   Execution
Appendix F   Supplemental Proceedings
Appendix G  Appeal, Reference and Review
Appendix H  Miscellaneous


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Sarkar’s Civil Court Practice and Procedure Manual

Sarkar’s Civil Court Practice and Procedure Manual

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