Code of Civil Procedure

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Sarkar On Code Of Civil Procedure 2 Volumes

 Sudipto Sarkar, V R Manohar



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Substantive law cannot achieve its objective effectively without the assistance of procedural law which makes the law of procedure occupy a pivotal role in the effective functioning of the judicial system in India. Code of Civil Procedure is a dynamic subject and needs changes as per societal developments, its diversities and complications. 
Sarkar's Code of Civil Procedure is undoubtedly an exemplary work on the civil procedural laws and is one of the most authoritative publications on the subject. For almost 80 years this classic piece of work has served as a guide in the disposal of cases by the courts. This twelfth edition has been thoroughly updated to include all the latest and notable decisions of the Supreme Court and various High Courts, as well as current developments in the law relating to civil procedure in India.
All the state amendments are meticulously stated under the relevant provisions. Recently, the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure in their application to any suit in respect of a commercial dispute of a specified value has been amended by the Commercial Courts, Commercial Division and Commercial Appellate Division of High Courts Act 2015, in the present edition, besides incorporating these amendments at relevant places, entire act has also been included in the list of appendices.
A conscious effort has been made to retain the stylistic excellence of the commentary and to make it an accurate guide on all the points relating to civil procedure in India. Like previous editions, entire legal fraternity including judges, lawyers, prosecutors, police officers, administrators, academicians and research scholars will find it to be a handy reference on the subject. Efforts of publishers LexisNexis and their co-operation in ensuring that all legislative changes are accurately reflected throughout the text are appreciated.
Volume - 1
1.    Suits in general [Ss. 9 to 35B]
2.    Execution [Ss. 36 to 74]
3.    Incidental proceedings [Ss. 75 to 78]
4.    Suits in particular cases [Ss. 79 to 88]
5.    Special proceedings [Ss. 89 to 93]
6.    Supplemental proceedings [Ss. 94 to 95]
7.    Appeals [Ss. 96 to 112]
8.    Reference, review and revision [Ss. 113 to 115]
9.    Special Provisions Relating to the High Courts not Being The Court of a Judicial Commissioner [Ss. 116 to 120]
10.   Rules [Ss. 121 to 131]
11.  Miscellaneous [Ss. 132 to 158]
The First Schedule
1.    Parties to suits [RR. 1 to 13]
2.    Frame of suit [RR. 1 to 7]
3.    Recognized agents and pleaders [RR. 1 to 6]
4.    Institution of suits [RR. 1 to 2]
5.    Issue and service of summons [RR. 1 to 30]
6.    Pleadings generally [RR. 1 to 18]
7.    Plaint [RR. 1 to 18]
8.    Written statement, set-off and counter-claim [RR. 1 to 10]
9.    Appearance of parties and consequence of non-appearance [RR. 1 to 14]
10.  Examination of parties by the court [RR. 1 to 4]
11.  Discovery and inspection [RR. 1 to 23]
12.  Admissions [RR. 1 to 9]
13.  Production, impounding and return of documents [RR. 1 to 11]
14.  Settlement of issues and determination of suit on issues of Law or on Issues a agreed upon [RR. 1to 7]
15.  Disposal of the suit at the first hearing [RR. 1 to 4]
16.  Summoning and attendance of witnesses [RR. 1 to 21]
16A.Attendance of witnesses confined in prisons [RR. 1 to 7]
17.  Adjournments [RR. 1 to 3]
18.  Hearing of the suit and examination of witnesses [RR. 1 to 18]
19.  Affidavits [RR. 1 to 3]
20.  Judgment and decree [RR. 1 to 20]
20A.Costs [RR. 1 to 2]
Volume - 2
21.  Execution of decrees and orders [RR. 1 to 36]
22.  Death, marriage and insolvency of parties [RR. 1 to 12]
23.  Withdrawal and adjustment of suits [RR. 1 to 4]
24.  Payment into court [RR. 1 to 4]
25.  Security for costs [RR. 1 to 2]
26.  Commissions [RR. 1 to 22]
27.  Suits by or against the Government or Public Officers in their Official Capacity [RR. 1 to 8B]
27A.Suits Involving a Substantial Question of law as to the Interpretation of the Constitution or as to the Validity of any statutory instrument [RR. 1 to 4]
28.  Suits by or against military or naval men or airmen [RR. 1 to 3]
29.  Suits by or against corporations [RR. 1 to 3]
30.  Suits by or against firms and Persons carrying on business in Names other than their own [RR. 1 to 10]
31.  Suits by or against trustees, executors and administrators [RR. 1 to 3]
32.  Suits by or against minors and persons of unsound mind [RR. 1 to 16]
32A.Suit Relating to Matters Concerning the Family [RR. 1 to 6]
33.  Suits by indigent persons [RR. 1 to 18]
34.  Suits relating to mortgages of Immovable Property [RR. 1 to 15]
35.  Interpleader [RR. 1 to 6]
36.  Special case [RR. 1 to 6]
37.  Summary procedure
38.  Arrest and attachment before judgment arrest before judgment [RR. 1 to 13]
39.  Temporary injunctions and interlocutory orders temporary injunctions [RR. 1 to 10]
40.  Appointment of receivers [RR. 1 to 5]
41.  Appeals from original decrees [RR. 1 to 37]
42.  Appeals from appellate decrees [RR. l to 3]
43.  Appeals from orders [RR. 1 to 2]
44.  Appeals by indigent persons [RR. 1 to 3]
45.  Appeals to the supreme court [RR. 1 to 16]
46.  Reference [RR. 1 to 7]
47.  Review [RR. 1 to 9]
48.  Miscellaneous [RR. 1 to 3]
49.  Chartered high courts [RR. 1 to 3]
50.  Provincial small cause courts [R. 1]
51.  Presidency small cause courts [R. 1]
Consolidated subject index


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Sarkar On Code Of Civil Procedure 2 Volumes

Sarkar On Code Of Civil Procedure 2 Volumes

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