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International Commercial Arbitration

 Jay E. Grenig

2014 - South Asian


1st Ed

Hard Bound

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The importance of international commercial arbitration has grown with the increased globalization of world economies. The number of cases submitted to international commercial arbitra¬tion has continued to rise since 1980. International commercial arbitration permits parties to fashion dispute resolution proceedings as they see fit.
This book provides a concise but comprehensive guide to international commercial arbitration.

Chapter 1 introduces arbitration, including its advantages and disadvantages. It also compares arbitration to other dispute resolution methods.

Chapter 2 examines the numerous arbitral institutions and organizations involved in international commercial arbitration.
International commercial arbitration is governed by a number of international conventions and treaties.

Chapter 3 explores these conventions and treaties. It also explains the concept of lex mercatoria. The key to international commercial arbitration is the arbitration agreement.

Chapter 4 discusses the requirements for an arbitration agreement and topics that may be included in an arbitration agreement.

Chapter 1 :  Introduction to International Commercial Arbitration
1. Introduction
2. Arbitration
3. Other Dispute Resolution Methods
Chapter 2 :  Arbitral Institutions and Organisations
1. Generally
2. Arbitral Institutions
Chapter 3 :  International Arbitration Conventions and Treaties
1. Introduction
2. Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards
3. Inter-American Convention on International Commercial Arbitration
4. European Convention on International Commercial Arbitration
5. Convention on The Settlement of Investment Disputes Between States and Nationals of other States
6. North American Free Trade Agreement
Chapter 4 :  Arbitration Agreements
1. Introduction
2. Arbitration Clauses
3. Termination or Modification
Chapter 5 :  Parties
1. Introduction
2. Nonsignatories
Chapter 6 :  Arbitrators
1. Introduction
2. Categories of Arbitrators
3. Selection Arbitrators and Arbitration Panels
4. Single Arbitrator's Authority
5. Duties and Powers of Arbitrators
6. Termination of Arbitrator's Authority
Chapter 7 :  Applicable Law
1. Introduction
2. Law Governing The Arbitration Agreement
3. Law Governing The Arbitration Process
4. Determining The Applicable Substantive Law
5. The Lex Mercatoria
6. Arbitrators' Duty to Apply The Law 
7. Challenging Arbitrators' Choice of Law
Chapter 8 :  Enforcement of Arbitration Agreement
1. Introduction
2. Requirements for Enforcement or Recognition
3  Nonrecognition of an Arbitration Agreement
4. Procedure in The United States
Chapter 9 :  Commencing Arbitration Proceedings
1. Introduction
2. Request for Arbitration
3. Terms of Reference
4. Arbitrators
5. Preliminary Proceedings
Chapter 10 :  Obtaining Evidence
1. Introduction
2. Arbitral Tribunals
3. Discovery and The Courts
4. Electronic Discovery
Chapter 11 :  Arbitral Hearings
1. Introduction
2. Preliminary Matters
3. The Hearing
4. Presenting Evidence
5. Post-Hearing Procedures
Chapter 12 :  Arbitral Awards
1. Introduction
2. Types of Awards
3. Awards
4. Remedies
5. Post-Award Proceedings
6. Confidentiality
7. Issue and Claim Preclusion Effects of Awards
Chapter 13 :  Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitration Awards
1. Introduction
2. Requirements for Enforcement
3. Refusal to Recognize or Enforce
Chapter 14 :  Challenging and Modifying Arbitral Awards
1. Introduction
2. Proceedings for Challenging
3. Grounds for Challenging
4. Correction or Modification
Appendix A.  Forms
Appendix B.  Federal Arbitration Act
Appendix C.  UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules
Appendix D.  UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration
Appendix E.  International Arbitration Rules International Centre for Dispute Resolution (American Arbitration Association)
Appendix F.  Arbitration Rules International Chamber of Commerce (In force as from 1 January 2012)
Appendix G. International Bar Association Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration
Appendix H. International Bar Association Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest in International Arbitration
Appendix I.  Code of Ethics for Arbitrators in Commercial Disputes
Appendix J. Rules of Ethics for International Arbitrators International Bar Association
Appendix K. United Nations Conference on International Commercial Arbitration Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards
Appendix L.  Inter-American Convention on International Commercial Arbitration, 1975

Table of Laws and Rules
Table of Cases


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International Commercial Arbitration

International Commercial Arbitration

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