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Sarkar on The Code of Criminal Procedure (2 Volume Set)

 S.C. Sarkar



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The Code of Criminal Procedure - An Encyclopaedic Commentary on the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973

Volume 1: Section 1 to 224 Volume 2: Section 225 to 484, Schedules & Appendices

Key Highlights:- • This section wise commentary is amongst the most authoritative publications on the Law of Criminal Procedure in India • First published in 1956, this two-volume work has acquired richness in content, quality and comprehensiveness through successive editions published over the years.

• This edition has been extensively and meticulously revised, taking into account the changes brought about by recent legislative amendments as well as important judgments of Supreme Court and various High courts

• Legal provisions that were recently amended or newly introduced have been incorporated in the commentary along with precise synopses for quick and easy reference.

• The edition has been revised to fit more closely to the needs of judges, lawyers, prosecutors, police officers, administrators, judicial and police training academies (national and state), police departments, CBI officials, academics, researchers and scholars.

Volume I
1.    Preliminary
2.    Constitution of criminal courts and offices
3.    Power of courts
4     A.  Powers of superior officers of police
       B.  Aid to the magistrates and the police
5.    Arrest of persons
6.    Processes to compel appearance
        A.  Summons
        B.  Warrant of Arrest
        C.  Proclamation and Attachment
        D.  Other Rules Regarding Processes     
7.    Processes to compel the production of things
        A.  Summons to Produce
        B.  Search Warrants
        C.  General Provisions Relating to Searches
        D.  Miscellaneous
7A.  Reciprocal arrangements for assistance in certain matters and procedure
       for attachment and forfeiture of property
8.    Security for keeping the peace and for good behaviour
9.    Order for maintenance of wives, children and parents
10.  Maintenance of public order and tranquility
        A.  Unlawful Assemblies
        B.  Public Nuisances
        C.  Urgent Cases of Nuisance or Apprehended Danger
        D.  Disputes as to Immovable property
11.  Preventive action of the police
12.  Information to the police and their powers to investigate
13.  Jurisdiction of the criminal courts in inquiries and trials
14.  Conditions Requisite for initiation of Proceedings
15.  Complaints to Magistrates
16.  Commencement of Proceedings before Magistrates
17.  The charge
        A.  Form of Charges
        B.  Joinder of Charges
Volume II
18.  Trial before a court of Session
19.  Trial of warrant-cases by Magistrates
        A.  Cases Instituted on a Police Report
        B.  Cases Instituted Otherwise than on Police Report
        C.  Conclusion of Trial 
20.  Trial of Summons-Cases by Magistrates
21.  Summary trials
21A. Plea bargaining
22.  Attendance of persons confined or detained in prisons
23.  Evidence in inquiries and trials
        A.  Mode of taking and Recording Evidence
        B.  Commissioner for the Examination of Witnesses
24.  General provisions as to inquiries and trials
25.  Provisions as to accused persons of unsound mind
26.  Provisions as to offences affecting the administration of justice
27.  The judgment
28.  Submission of death sentences for confirmation
29.  Appeals
30.  Reference and revision
31.  Transfer of criminal cases
32.  Execution, Suspension, Remission and Commutation of sentences
        A.  Death Sentences
        B.  Imprisonment
        C.  Levy of Fine
        D.  General Provisions Regarding Execution
        E.  Suspension, Remission and Commutation of Sentences
33.  Provisions as to Bail and Bonds
34.  Disposal of property
35.  Irregular proceedings
36.  Limitation for taking cognizance of certain offences
37.  Miscellaneous
The First Schedule - Classification of Offences
The Second Schedule - Forms
Subject Index


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Sarkar on The Code of Criminal Procedure (2 Volume Set)

Sarkar on The Code of Criminal Procedure (2 Volume Set)

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