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Russell on arbitration

 David St. John Sutton, Judith Gill, Matthew Gearing



24 Ed, South Asian Ed 2018


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Chapter 1 : Introduction
1.    What is Arbitration 
2.    The Arbitration Act 1996
3.    The Sources of Arbitration Law
4.    The Advantages of Arbitration
5.    The Disadvantages of Arbitration
6.    European Law and Arbitration
7.    Third Party Funding of Arbitration Proceedings
8.    Ethics in Arbitration 
9.    Summary of Following Chapters
Chapter 2 : The Arbitration agreement
1.    Introduction 
2.    What is an Arbitration Agreement? 
3.    Form of an Arbitration Agreement 
4.    Content of an Arbitration Agreement 
5.    Laws to be applied to an Arbitration 
6.    Termination of the Arbitration Agreement
Chapter 3 : Parties and institutions
1.    Introduction
2.    Identity and Capacity of the Parties
3.    Individuals
4.    Corporate Bodies
5.    Partnerships and Unincorporated Associations
6.    State, State Entities and Public Authorities
7.    International organisations     
8.    Third Parties 
9.    Substituted parties 
10.  Agents and lawyers
11.  Trustees in Bankruptcy, Liquidators and Receivers
12.  Executors and Personal Representatives
13.  Multi-Party Disputes
14.  Arbitral institutions
Chapter 4 : The tribunal
1.    Introduction
2.    Definitions
3.    Qualifications of an Arbitrator
4.    Appointment of an Arbitral Tribunal
5.    Remuneration of an Arbitral Tribunal
6.    Powers of an Arbitral Tribunals
7.    Duties of an Arbitral Tribunal
8.    Liabilities of Arbitrators
9.    Challenge and Termination of Authority of Arbitrators
Chapter 5 :  The Conduct of the Reference
1.    Introduction 
2.    Commencing the arbitration 
3.    Duties of the tribunal in relation to the conduct of the reference 
4.    Preliminary considerations
5.    Ascertaining the procedure
6.    The hearing
7.     Privacy and the obligation of Confidentiality
8.    Termination of the reference
Chapter 6 : The Award
1.    Introduction 
2.    Formal Requirements of Award 
3.    Substantive Requirements of Award 
4.    Relief and Remedies Available to the tribunal
5.    Costs 
6.    Effect of an Award 
Chapter 7 : The Role of the Court before and during the Arbitration
1.    Introduction
2.    Staying Court Proceedings
3.    Anti-suit Injunctions
4.    Injunctions to Restrain Arbitrartions
5.    Extension of Time
6.    Appointment of an Arbitrator or Umpire
7.    Removal of the tribunal, Resignation and Revocation of Authority
8.    Determining Disputes about the Tribunal's Jurisdiction during the Arbitration
9.    Determination of Questions of law during the Arbitration
10.  Court's Powers to Issue Injunctions and make other orders in Relation to Arbitral Proceedings
11.  Determination of the recoverable Costs of the Arbitration
Chapter  8 : The Role of the Court after the Award
1.    Introduction
2.    Enforcement of Awards 
3.    Recognition and Enforcement of Certain Foreign Awards 
4.    Challenge of Awards 
5.    Challenge of Substantive Jurisdiction 
6.    Challenge of serious Irregularity causing Substantial Injustice 
7.    Appeal on Question of Law 
8.    Orders in Respect of Challenges and Appeals 
9.    Procedure for Arbitration Applications 
Appendix 1 : Arbitration Act  1996
Arbitration Act, 1996 (Commencement No. 1) Order, 1996
High Court County Courts (Allocation of Arbitration Proceedings) Order, 1996
High Court County Courts (Allocation of Arbitration Proceedings) (Amendment) Order, 1999/1010
Unfair Arbitration Agreements (Specified Amount) Order 1999/2167
Arbitration Act, 1950
Civil Procedure Rules, Part 62, Arbitration Claims
Practice Direction—Arbitration
Appendix 2   
Departmental Advisory Committee on Arbitration Law Report on The Arbitration Bill and Supplementary Report on The Arbitration Act, 1996
Report on the Arbitration Bill
Supplementary Report on The Arbitration Act, 1996
Appendix 3
Statutory Arbitration 
Appendix 4
List of Appointing Authorities and Expert Institutions



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Russell on arbitration

Russell on arbitration

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