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Mulla Hindu Law

 Sir Dinshaw Fardunji Mulla (Revised by Satyajeet A Desai)



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This edition, in near proximity to the earlier one, has been necessitated in view of important judicial pronouncements in the interregnum. Several important decisions have been rendered by the courts, and have been commented upon. These include the seminal and important aspect as to whether _ a notional partition, under the erstwhile section 6 of the Hindu Succession Act, would bring about an actual partition, resulting into the disruption of a Mitakshara coparcenery, which is an issue of considerable importance, in view of the decision of the Supreme Court. Further, the issue whether personal laws have primacy of consideration over other statutes when the question of application of such laws arises in conjunction with personal law has also been adverted to, in view of the observations of the Supreme Court in this regard. Several other judgments of the Supreme Court and High Courts under the classical Hindu law and the four acts have also been commented upon, where necessary. I appreciate the assistance of Miss Manushi S Desai, Advocate and Miss Aarushi S Desai in helping me with legal research. A word of thanks is also due to my publishers LexisNexis. I dedicate this edition in memoriam of my father. Case law as on 1 December 2017 has been commented upon, where necessary and expedient.
Part I : Principles of Hindu Law
Chapter I         -     Operation of Hindu Law
Chapter II        -     Sources of Hindu Law
Chapter III       -     General Principles of Inheritance
Chapter IV       -     Order of Inheritance of Males According to Mitakshara Law
Chapter V        -     Female Heirs
Chapter VI       -     Order of Succession to Males in the Bombay State
Chapter VII      -     Order of Inheritance to Males According to Dayabhaga or Bengal School
Chapter VIII     -     Points of Difference between Mitakshara and Dayabhaga Succession
Chapter IX       -     Exclusion from Inheritance and Partition
Chapter X        -     Women’s Property: Part I – Stridhana
Chapter XI       -     Women’s Property: Part II – Property Acquired by a Woman by Inheritance
Chapter XII      -     Joint Hindu Family Coparceners and Coparcenary Property – Mitakshara Law
Chapter XIII     -     Coparceners and Coparcenary Property under Dayabhaga Law
Chapter XIV     -     Debts Mitakshara Law
Chapter XV      -     Debts - Dayabhaga Law
Chapter XVI     -     Partition and Reunion - Mitakshara Law
Chapter XVII    -     Partition - Dayabhaga Law
Chapter XVIII   -     Gifts
Chapter XIX     -     Wills
Chapter XX      -     Rules Common to Gifts and Wills
Chapter XXI     -     Religious and Charitable Endowments
Chapter XXII    -     Marriage
Chapter XXIII   -     Adoption
Chapter XXIV   -     Minority and Guardianship
Chapter XXV    -     Maintenance
Chapter XXVI   -     Conversion from Hinduism, Khojas, Cutchi, Memons and Some Others
Chapter XXVII  -     Impartible Property
Chapter XXVIII -     The Law of Damdupat
Chapter XXIX   -     Benami Transactions
Chapter XXX    -     Jains
Chapter XXXI   -     Shudras
Part II
  The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
Chapter I         -    Preliminary
Chapter II        -    Hindu Marriages
Chapter III       -    Restitution of Conjugal Rights and Judicial Separation
Chapter IV       -    Nullity of Marriage and Divorce
Chapter V        -    Jurisdiction and Procedure
Chapter VI       -    Savings and Repeals
The Hindu Succession Act 1956
Chapter I         -    Preliminary
Chapter II        -    Intestate Succession
Chapter III       -    Testamentary Succession
Chapter IV       -    Repeals
The Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956
The Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act 1956
Chapter I          -    Preliminary
Chapter II         -    Adoption
Chapter III        -    Maintenance
Chapter IV        -    Repeals and Savings
Appendix I   -  The Hindu Disposition of Property Act 1916
Appendix II  -  The Hindu Inheritance (Removal of Disabilities) Act 1928
Appendix III -  The Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929
Appendix IV -  The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006
Appendix V  -  The Hindu Gains of Learning Act, 1930
Appendix V  -  The Hindu Women’s Rights to Property Act 1937
Appendix VI -  The Prohibition of  Benami Property Transactions  Act, 1988


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Mulla Hindu Law

Mulla Hindu Law

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