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Nelson's Law of Injuctions  is a Complete Code of Law Relating to Temporary, Perpetual and Mandatory injuctions, as applicable to various human Rights and Civil transactions which needs no introduction to our learned readers. It is held by Legal luminaries of the Country as an Authority for Its Scientific exposition of law relating to Injunctions. The Law of Injunctions in India has its origin in the Equity Jurisprudence of england which has been inherited in the present administration of law. England too in its turn borrowed if from the roman law wherein it was known as Interdict. This edition caters to the needs of the Bench and Bar, Lawyers, Law Students, Law Colleges, Legal Executives, Government Departments, industrialists, Companies, Commercial Establishment, Municipalities, corporations and all other who are in any way concerned with this important branch of law.

Contents of the Book :

Volume  1 :

  1.       The Nature, Purpose and History of Injuctions, definitions and Preventive relief
  2.       The Jurisdiction in Injuction - The Three essential - Alternative Jurisdiction
  3.       The discretion of the Court - The Rule guiding the discretion and its exception - The discretion of the Courts in India
  4.       Injuctions, Temporary or Perpetual - Perpetual injucntions in general- Temporary when can not be Granted
  5.       Mandatory injunctions : Specific Relief Act, Sec. 39 , Injuctions relating to threstened injuries, injuctions relating to wrongs other than those connected with Contracts           and Property, Defamation and Status
  6.       Perpectual Injunctions in relation to Contracts - A Means of Specific Performance- Express  negative terms- Covenants in restraint of trade - implied negative terms.
  7.       Perpectual Injuctions in relation to Contracts
  8.       Perpectual Injunctions in relation to property, trespass, nuisance in general, Nuisance by Air , Noise, use of premises, highways, Wate, Support, Waste, Easements and Lights, etc.
  9.       Injuctions in relation to property- Trade Marks and Names, Patents and Designs, opyright, trusts, Co-owners, Etc.
  10.      Temporary Injuctions - Code of Civil Procedure, 1908-Order XXXIX, Rules 1 to 9

Volume 2 :

  1.       Practice
  2.       Forms
  3.       injuctions distinguished from other remedies
  4.       Injuctions relating to bodies, Corporate and Companies
  5.       Injunctions relating to Defamation, Libel, stander of title and Goods, etc.
  6.       Torts & Injunctions
  7.       Injunctions as to Administrators and Executors
  8.       Injunctions relating to proceedings under code of Criminal procedure
  9.       Insolvancy Court and Injuctions
  10.      Injuctions Concerning matrimonial affairs
  11.      Injuctions concerning religious mtters
  12.      Public Officers and Suits for injuctions
  13.      Injuctions relating to alternation of coparcenary Property
  14.      injuctions relating to municipal Bodies, district Boards and Panchayats
  15.      Injuctions relating to Partnership
  16.      Injuctions relating to Association, Castes, Clubs and Societies
  17.      Easements and Injuctions
  18.      Injuctios relating to mortgages
  19.      Nuisance to natiral rights. etc and injuctions
  20.      Injunctions relating to trade and Industrual disputes
  21.      Injunctions concerning licences and leases
  22.      Judicial Proceedings and Injunctiongful injuctions and compensation
  23.      Jurisdiction and Procedure
  24.      Writ Jurisdiction
  25.      Appendix I : Mareva Injunctions


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Nelson's Law of Injunctions in 2 Volume

Nelson's Law of Injunctions in 2 Volume

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